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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Q: What are Incontinence Panteez?
  A: Incontinence Panteez are a patented, multi-layered, leak-resistant, fine quality, sleek, comfortable, washable undergarment that are engineered to:
  • Protect from leakage and accidents
  • Provide maximum coverage and support
  • Prevent pad displacement
  • Boost confidence and peace of mind
  • Save money and embarrassment
  • Provide ultimate comfort and protection
  • Double as shapewear
  • Help with bloating
  • Last for years; Machine washable, eco-friendly
2. Q: Should I wear Incontinence Panteez with or without a liner or pad?
  A: Depending on your needs, Incontinence Panteez can be worn with or without a panty liner or sanitary pad.

If you just have a small amount of leakage when you sneeze or laugh, then Incontinence Panteez can be worn without a pad or panty liner. If you have a heavier, more frequent flow, a panty liner or a sanitary pad may be needed in conjunction with Incontinence Panteez. You are the expert on your body, and you know yourself better than anyone, so use your best judgment.

With a panty liner or sanitary pad: Securely place the panty liner, mini pad or maxi pad of your choice, centered, tape-side down inside your Incontinence Panteez.

Without panty liner or sanitary pad: Simply wear Incontinence Panteez as your underwear.

3. Q: Where are Incontinence Panteez made?
  A: We are proud to say Incontinence Panteez are designed and manufactured for women by women in the U.S.A.

4. Q: How can Incontinence Panteez save you money?
  A: Incontinence Panteez saves you from:
  • Buying disposable undergarments
  • Wasting Pads/Panty Liners (especially when worn for just-in-casers)
  • Ruined Sheets
  • Stained Mattress Pads
  • Ruined Mattresses
  • Stained Fashion
  • Soiled Furniture
5. Q: Are Incontinence Panteez machine washable?
  A: Yes, Incontinence Panteez are machine washable, reusable, and made to last!

6. Q: Can Incontinence Panteez be worn with sanitary pads with wings?
  A: Yes! We have tested nearly every sanitary pad on the market with Incontinence Panteez and they all work very well! Note that some of the shorter wings may not wrap around and touch each other, but they will wrap around and stick extremely well to the Incontinence Panteez themselves!

7. Q: If my size is on the cusp, what size would you recommend?
  A: If your size is on a cusp, we recommend going with the smaller size, because you want them to fit a little bit snug, due to the purpose and design of Incontinence Panteez.

8. Q: Will Incontinence Panteez fit ladies who wear girl's sizes instead of women's sizes?
  A: Yes, absolutely!

For girl's size XS or size 5 - 6 (21 - 23" waist) - We recommend size XXS Incontinence Panteez.

For girl's size S or size 7 - 8 (23 - 23.5" waist) and M or size 10 - 12 (24.5 - 25.5" waist) - We recommend size XS Incontinence Panteez.

For girl's size L or size 14 (26 - 26.5" waist) and XL or size 16 (27 - 27.5" waist) - We recommend size S Incontinence Panteez.

If you are on a cusp, we recommend going with the smaller size because you want the fit to be a little bit snug, due to the purpose and design of Incontinence Panteez.

And for more details, please see our size chart.

9. Q: How long will it take to get my Incontinence Panteez?
  A: We generally ship orders that are received and processed by 1:00 EST on the SAME DAY! If not, then your order will most likely be shipped on the following business day. Most orders shipped in the USA arrive within 2 - 4 business days. We take great pride in EXCELLENT customer service. Extenuating circumstances can always arise, but we absolutely try to get your product to you ASAP, as cost effective as possible. If you would like to receive your product sooner or on a specific date, please contact our customer care specialist at 1-888-878-8364 and we will make special arrangements for you!

10. Q: What kinds of reviews do Incontinence Panteez get?
  A: We get RAVE reviews from USA soldiers in Afghanistan to GLAM-aws in Malibu! Many of our reviews are so positive and heart-warming that we admit, we have shed a few happy tears after reading some of our customers' comments and stories! We are proud and honored to serve so many ladies, from tweens to GLAM-aws! Please read what our customers are saying here:

11. Q: How do I know your website is secure?
  A: Incontinence Panteez is committed to the highest standards of security, and uses secured servers for conducting online transactions. Steps have been taken to safeguard the integrity of data and protection of personal information. All personal information is transmitted and protected by encryption technology using Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. We can assure you that we go above and beyond to provide the maximum security possible. You can read our full policy here.

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