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How to Use

Depending on your needs, Incontinence Panteez can be worn with or without a panty liner or sanitary pad.

If you just have a small amount of leakage when you sneeze or laugh, then Incontinence Panteez can be worn without a pad or panty liner. If you have a heavier, more frequent flow, a panty liner or a sanitary pad may be needed in conjunction with Incontinence Panteez. You are the expert on your body, and you know yourself better than anyone, so use your best judgment.

With a panty liner or sanitary pad: Securely place the panty liner, mini pad or maxi pad of your choice, centered, tape-side down inside your Incontinence Panteez.

Without panty liner or sanitary pad: Simply wear Incontinence Panteez as your underwear.

Exercise with confidence
  Exercise with confidence with Incontinence Panteez Incontinence Panties
Sleep worry-free, finally!
  Finally sleep worry free with Incontinence Panteez Incontinence Panties
Enjoy just the hug you need™   Enjoy just the hug you need with Incontinence Panteez Incontinence Panties

Wear Incontinence Panteez for security, freedom, protection, and peace of mind.

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