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Other Uses

Incontinence Panteez Incontinence Panties are great for postpartum Postpartum
  "It would have been great to have had Incontinence Panteez postpartum, when there is always a fear of public leakage." -- Kathryn from Milford, Ohio
Incontinence Panteez Incontinence Panties are great for spotting Spotting
  "I wear my Incontinence Panteez before I start my period instead of a panty liner for light spotting. They are way more comfortable, breathable, and it even saves me money on panty liners." -- Morgan from Loveland, Ohio
Incontinence Panteez Incontinence Panties are great for menstruations or periods Menstruation
  "Period Panteez holds overnight pads securely to prevent leakage. No product or pad I have tried guaranteed me a good and peaceful night's sleep. I think most people would have this happen and this product solves this problem. This in turn would be relevant to pad and tampon users alike." -- Linda from West Chester, Ohio
Incontinence Panteez Incontinence Panties are great for pregnancy Pregnancy
  "I would have loved to have had a pair of Incontinence Panteez while I was pregnant with my daughter for light leakage that I experienced." -- Shannon from Indian Hill, Ohio
Incontinence Panteez Incontinence Panties are great for perimenopause Perimenopause
  "Thank you so much for inventing this product! I'm going through perimenopause and this product saved me from embarrassing leaks, I just feel more confident. Thank you so much!!!!" -- Glenda from Warrington, Pennsylvania
Incontinence Panteez Incontinence Panties are great for endometriosis Endometriosis
  "These are a life-saver for my daughter who has endometriosis. They help with spotting and the severe cramps she gets." -- Bonnie from Dayton, Ohio

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