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Size Chart

Incontinence Panteez
Waist (in)
Women's Size
21" - 22½"
23" - 25½"
0 - 2
26" - 28½"
4 - 6
29" - 31½"
8 - 10
32" - 34½"
12 - 14
35" - 39½"
16 - 18
40" - 44"
20 - 22

Incontinence Panteez are engineered to hug your body and
have 2 - 10 inches of stretch-ability, depending on the
size (less for smaller sizes and more for larger sizes).
If your measurements are on the cusp, for a more
snug fit, choose the smaller size and for a more
loose fit, choose the larger size. NOTE: Due to their
functionality, a slightly snug fit is preferred!

Please call us anytime at 1-888-878-8364 and a customer care specialist will assist you in choosing the perfect size for you or your loved one!

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