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Incontinence Panteez Incontinence Panties Testimonials and Reviews "As promised I am sending you some feedback on the Period Panteez I purchased for myself. I know they are not intended for men, however, I thought I would try a pair to see if they would help me with the incontinence problem of mine. I am able to report that after wearing these panties several times they are indeed effective in preventing leakage. In addition I find them much more comfortable to wear than many other incontinence products I have tried."

Anonymous Male Customer

"I used to wear Depends® to work every day and I felt like everyone knew I had them on. I am just ecstatic that I found your product! I dribble when I laugh or sneeze, just due to my age and now I wear my Incontinence Panteez and I love them! They are very soft and comfortable, and the quality is amazing. I love that Incontinence Panteez are machine washable! It saves me a lot of money and helps the environment."

Sandra, Ontario

"Being a yoga instructor, I was devastated when I began to experience light incontinence. Your product has REALLY helped me! I can now teach classes feeling secure. Thank you!"

Teresa, Alabama

"I just love the Incontinence Panteez and recommend them to ALL of us "lucky" 1 in 3 women!!! I am a long distance runner and when I run, it never fails that I have light incontinence. I wore the Incontinence Panteez on my last run and I have never been so comfortable! 5 stars!"

Amanda, California

"I purchased your product at the Cincinnat Marathon. It fit snug, kept the pad in place & did not chafe around the leg or waist."

Gail, Boston Marathon Runner, Massachusetts

"Your product is exactly what I have been looking for! Ingenious!"

Beth, Ohio

"I cannot believe that we just discovered Incontinence Panteez! They have been a life saver for my mother! She is in a wheelchair and sometimes has a slight accident. She has tried everything on the market and until now, nothing has been so comfortable, washable, and cute. The quality is outstanding and Mom really lit up when she saw that you used USA manufacturers! Knowing Mom, everyone in town will know and be ordering from you soon."

Judy, New York, New York

"My teenage daughter has a medical condition and has incontinence. She wears your product every day to school and during all of her practices and games. She loves them and recommends them to all of her friends and teammates for their periods."

Melissa, Fairfield

"This product is amazing! I used to wear a pad ALL of the time for just in case moments. It's wonderful having an eco friendly, comfortable, supportive panty designed just for women's issues, that is actually comfy and fashionable."

Megan, Chicago, Illinois

"Love the quality and the design of the Incontinence Panteez! I am so happy with them that I ordered 3 more pair already!"

Monique - Vermont

"It is so refreshing to see women inventing such quality, problem solving products, providing exceptional customer servce (mine arrived in 2 days from ordering), and doing new things the way 'they used to'! I appreciate you all and will spread the word, that's for sure!"

Roseanne, Dallas, Texas

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